Lulac Grows

Reconnecting Our People to The Land

The mission of LULAC Grows is to advance the concept of food sovereignty of our Latino community.

Our Vision

Help Grow Stewardship in Our Lands

Expand locally grown produce through farming, production and market sales of our lands we call home in SW Washington State. We support Latino families by:

Our Mission

What We Seek to Provide

Food Sourcing

To our local communities of color through our Mercados.


Programs for expert farm management experience.


With WA State University & their College of Agricultural.

Creating Partnerships

Local Farming Groups

LULAC Grows is establishing a network of farms that work cooperatively with each other to sustain agriculture in our growing urban surroundings. We find opportunities that bring children and young adults into educational opportunities through our:

Want to Become a Member?

If you are looking for a great way to get “into the dirt” with your advanced degree, consider working with LULAC Grows as part of your graduate studies.

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With Gratitude

Endorsed By

Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington

Black Future Farm

Ka ‘Aha Lahui O ‘Olekona Hawaiian Civic Club of OR and SW Washington

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

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